27 days left in Pittsburgh: Dismantling my office

The current mood in my workplace is best described as a collective sigh of relief–April is over and we made it out alive.

As I sit in my chair, wrapped in my favourite Carnegie Mellon blanket because it’s actually cold on my side of our building, I am realizing how much stuff there is in my office. To be clear, I have my own little room with a desk, shelf, two other chairs and a door. This is my space, and I can decorate it and use it as I see fit. I’ve been in this exact office room for almost my entire two years in Admissions, and somehow, I’ve accumulated a lot of things!

My bulletin board is exploding. The space on the actual board is mostly filled up, with Thank You letters from interviewees balancing along the top. Sticky notes multiply in this room. I write notes to remind myself of other notes.

I’ll take home all the pictures and cards soon, but what about my lovely plants? Or my enormous Carnegie Mellon Diploma? Seriously, why is it so big? Actually, I like how giant it is, I want people to see it from space. Google-map my diploma, that’s how big it is.

Spinning in my swivel chair, I wonder about duties assigned to me, and how my successor (whoever she or he is) will do. Hopefully they will be able to decipher my notes and many excel sheets. One thing is for sure; they should definitely continue to use the magnetic door as a secondary note board because that was pure genius.

I should make a note of that.

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