15 days: Big progress

In the past few days, my kitchen has been packed up, Meeko got spayed, and I’ve only un-voluntarily lost a few articles of clothing.

My Mom came down for the weekend to help me in my packing process. Through all the moves my family did, she was always our fearless packing leader. I have no doubt that all of my individually wrapped plates and bowls will make it through my future moves without a scratch. We also tackled a metal shelving unit, which ended with the unit sideways on the ground, my Mom pulling back on a shelf while I swung away with a rubber mallet trying to loosen the shelf from the poles. We agreed this counted as our workout for the day.

In Meeko news, when the vet tech brought her out after her surgery, she had on her mopey face for about 3 seconds. Then she saw my Mom and immediately perked up and ran right to her. Jeesh Meeko, it’s not like I was worried about you or anything! She walked most of they way home, but I carried her up all our stairs. Snickers was waiting at the door, feeling left out of course. She sniffed Meeko’s stitches and seemed to know that something was different.

The instructions on the Vet’s take home sheet say to keep Meeko quiet for 10-14 days. She’s eaten a pair of socks, a foot off of my grey tights, and has recently decided that she’s not going to sleep in her crate anymore. She let me know this by making a nice pattern of puncture holes in the mesh of her crate. So helpful! We compromised and tried letting her sleep “out” in my bedroom last night– no accidents this morning! We’ll see how tonight goes.

7 official work days left!

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