14 days: We did it!

Meeko spent her entire day out of her cage while I was at work… and she didn’t have any accidents!

After my five day weekend, going back to work today felt a bit out of place. The day moved very slowly, despite a tasty free lunch. I took my diploma down, but by 5 I was feeling quite lazy so I left it leaning up against the heater in my office.

While sitting in traffic today, staring at an obnoxious red SUV and musing about it’s gas mileage, I had an idea. What if I made a sign for the back of my car, advertising my blog? Something like, “I’m on a x-country road trip! Check out my trip so far: aventureinwriting.com” Cheesy? Or brilliant?

With Memorial day coming up and some more vacation days,  I only have 7 work days left. This moving process has entered the transition phase where I’m living off of paper bowls and my fridge is nearly empty. My closet contains only the clothes that I’ll be wearing on my road trip.

Snickers is sleeping off her new bone and I’m watching SNL: The Best of John Belushi.

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