1 day: This is it!

My final day in Pittsburgh. It’s a concept almost to weird to think about. I spent my last night in the apartment on a spread out sleeping bag with a rolled–up towel for a pillow.

Meeko was surprisingly snuggly and slept next to me most of the night. Snickers was stressed, so she spent her night hidden under a towel in her donut doggy bed. She’s moved around so often, and had so many different owners that every time someone starts bringing out the suitcases she thinks she’s being left behind. This morning she started chomping on some plants growing out of the bricks on our patio. Poor Snickers!

My 5 day Memorial weekend went by very quickly. I said goodbye to some places and wonderful friends. My boyfriend came in from California and we made big progress on packing up the house. Right now, we still have some errands to run before we start driving towards Charleston, West Virginia tonight. These include giving Meeko a bath (she stinks), doing my nails, dropping off the cable box, sweeping the floors, throwing out everything left in the kitchen, and putting the last suitcases into the car. Then we’ll eat some Whole Foods sushi and start driving.

Luckily Ashwin is a master “Tetris-er” as in stacking things to fit. I’m sure he will have no problem fitting us, two dogs, and my life in duffel bags into the car. At 5pm my time as an Admission counselor at Carnegie Mellon University will be over, but I am sure this decision will bring me a world of new adventures– maybe even a career too!

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