A Berry good day

My goal for Sunday was to get to Louisiana as quickly as possible so that we would have time to settle into our hotel and rest up for some New Orleans explorin’.

I relaxed with the doggies and packed up the car. We left at 10:55, 5 minutes remaining on our La Quinta hotel. What was the rush? After all, I’d paid my $80, I was going to get my money’s worth!

1 hour in, I was ready for some lunch– I didn’t want to get caught up like last time and end up not eating until 5pm. We stopped in Madison, Mississippi which turned out to be a very nice, seemingly wealthy town. I found a large shopping area with boutiques, restaurants and a Krogers. After my dollar hot dog and a cold mini-Mountain Dew from my cooler bag, I still wanted something else. On the same strip as the Kroger was a frozen yogurt place called Berry Berry Good Yogurt. Snickers was whining to come out, but yogurt sounded really good right then.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly girl who looked about high school aged. She explained how the self serve worked and pointed out the different toppings. Everything looked nice and clean, and there were at least 8 flavors. I’m not sure why I thought of it, but I found myself asking the girl if I could bring my dogs in. I explained that I was on a cross country trip and I hated to leave them in the car for too long but I would love to sit inside and enjoy my yogurt. The girl smiled and said “Sure!”

We ended up staying for about 30 minutes. I ate a delicious cup of white chocolate, chocolate and mango with various candy pieces while the girl, her younger sister (maybe?), and her co-worker hung out with the doggies. Originally, I tied Meeko and Snickers’ leashes to some chairs way at the front of the store. I didn’t want the dogs to get in anyone’s way or be sniffing around the store. As I was picking out my flavors, I noticed all three girls petting the dogs. I smiled, glad that they were getting some attention and out of the car. By the time I got to the toppings, the girls were walking them around the front of the store and trying to get them to “sit.”

So, they played while I ate my yogurt and chatted with the girls. They asked me about my trip, where I’d come from and where I was headed. When I explained that I was a writer, the co-worker girl immediately piped up “Oh if you ever write a book, I’d buy it for sure!” I laughed and said that I hoped to have a book deal someday, but for now I had my blog. When I asked how they liked living in Mississippi, the same girl said something I’ll never forget. “Well, there’s not too much to go do, but I just play outside, like all the time.” This quote really sums up the feeling I got from Mississippi. I wish I’d had more time to explore it or take a scenic route South, but I’m pressed for time to get to my sister while I can.

Eventually, the youngest girl asked if dogs ate any fruit, eying the yogurt toppings bar. “Well I don’t know if they should eat pineapple. How about nuts? Are there any peanuts over there?” Well once Meeko was in food mode they must have gone through 3 little sampler cups doing tricks.

Driving into Louisiana, I saw a landscape that was unlike anything I have ever seen. The swamp lands and the low water was just how I imagined it would look, but to see it right in front of me was incredible. I didn’t go downtown Sunday, and our hotel is out by the New Orleans airport. For now, I’m figuring out which tours I want to go on and where I can take the dogs too. Moral of the story– it never hurts to ask!

Location: Kenner, Louisiana

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