That is how much traveling across the country for a month and a half has cost.

When I first started this trip, I estimated I would spend around $1000 on gasoline and perhaps another $1000 for everything else. Turns out I was not far off– but this number would have been much worse if not for all of the places I was able to stay for free. From new friends to family members, every stay helped tremendously, and every dinner I was treated to was greatly appreciated!

For anyone considering a trip across the country, this will at least give you some idea of what to expect. A few disclaimers though– I do not mind staying in super cheap hotels. I’m talking so cheap you wear your sandals in the shower just in case. Dogs complicated this at times, but overall I was not looking for “nice” places to stay. “Decent” was more the word I had in mind. Same thing goes for food, healthy and cheap, and then road snacks. (I spent $64.77 total at gas stations on snacks)

Finally, my car took Premium gasoline only. Ouch.

HOTELS     $784.90
GASOLINE $784.32
FOOD           $347.97
GROCERY    $166.78
TOURISM    $115.41

GRAND TOTAL: $2,224.38*

*This number does not include the turquoise jewelry I bought nor the time I had to buy more flea oil for the doggies.

Snickers says “Money is boring. Have you seen this window??”

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