Grandview Park and a New Year

After a tough holiday season of multiple jobs and that horrible flu that’s going around, Ashwin and I finally went on our first mini-adventure of 2013.

We drove to the Sunset district to check out Grandview Park, a small park on the top of a steep hill with multiple trails leading up to it. The actual park was not that big, but the 360 view of the Pacific ocean, the bay, and downtown San Francisco were really beautiful. Of course, we rushed to get there in time to see the sunset, to maximize the photographic opportunities.

Up in Nob Hill, sometimes I forget that the ocean is right there. Like, right over there!

While at the park, we met another dog and his owner. Meeko tried to instigate a game of chase, but this dog wasn’t too into it. He was much more interested in sniffing Snickers.

Now that Ashwin and I are back to our relative schedules, we are hoping to pick up our weekend adventuring again! Unfortunately, most of what is on my “to see” list is outdoors, so we might have to wait until Spring comes to San Francisco.

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