20 days of exploring

Last week, Ashwin’s hypothetical plans to go on a well deserved vacation turned into actual plans. Using his hotel and flight points, he booked a 3 week adventure in Tokyo, Thailand, and Singapore. When I learned that he had tocatch a 9am flight this past Friday, I thought “we’ll see!” Well, he did make his flight, and is currently in my old hometown Tokyo!

As much as I would have loved to go with him, the timing was just not right for me. I will likely be starting a new job at the end of February (can’t say anything about it yet, but I am really excited about it!) and unfortunately, I just do not have the funds to cover 3 weeks of pet sitting for Snickers and Meeko. So, Ashwin is meeting up with a friend from college. I’m sure it will be an awesome ‘bro’ trip.

With a new job comes a new schedule, so I’m looking at the month of February as my last opportunity to really explore San Francisco. (At least the kind of exploring that is best done during the day). I’ve planned one new thing to go do or see every day until Ashwin comes home.

Yesterday, February 2nd, I had a job interview. So that was my ‘activity’ for that day. I know, not the most exciting start, but it counts!

Today I walked through a Vietnamese festival in Little Saigon/the Tenderloin on my way to take care of some cats for my pet sitting job. There were carved fruit bowls, Vietnamese pageant queens, and of course a lion dance. The next adventure for today is watching the Superbowl [….commercials] in a Ravens house in the middle of San Francisco. We’ll see what happens!

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