Grad school here I come?

Ames, Boise, or New Orleans?

In 4 months I’ll be living in one of those cities.

I’ve received a lot of exciting news in the past few weeks, but if you asked me which state I’m moving to in August, I still wouldn’t know what to tell you! With my fingers crossed for more good news from Iowa State, Boise State, or U New Orleans, I am trying to figure out how to best spend the rest of my summer.

No matter which program I end up at, I will need to make several trips to complete my move. First, I’ll need to fly to Pittsburgh, PA in June to clear out my storage unit and drive it to my Mom’s in Indianapolis. I’m really excited about a final trip to Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon!

In July I’ll be looking for housing in my new state, buying a used car (!!!), and driving my things from Indianapolis. Classes won’t start until the last week of August, so I will probably officially move mid-August with the doggies. (Snickers is really excited to go on another road trip! Not.)

After some awful experiences trying to find a full time job in San Francisco, my luck has turned around with some temp jobs! I’ll be working 3-4 days a week at the SF Museum of Modern Art selling tickets until June 1st. If you’re around, you should stop by and check out the Clocks exhibit! Then, for two weeks in May I’ll be an exam proctor for the University of San Francisco Law school. I’m am super happy to have some other jobs coming my way because living in San Francisco for the past year has really depleted my savings…

Next week should bring my final grad school decision, and the schedules for my new jobs. In the meantime I’m trying to keep myself distracted by packing for Coachella next weekend!

Throw back picture of a sleep Snickers circa 2010.
Throw back picture of a sleepy Snickers circa 2010.

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