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As I gear up for teaching English 102 this fall, I’ve been coming up new classroom activities and multimedia to share with my student. Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote today with ideas on how to bring Pop Culture into the college classroom, complete with a step-by-step instructions for an activity. Read more here.


By contributer Jackie Sizemore

Pop culture. It’s on the tip of many teacher’s tongues, but not all of us feel comfortable or qualified to bring it into the classroom. We are all often unwilling participates of the “expert” culture. You want to give a friend advice on her broken arm because you broke your arm once, but you’re not a doctor. You’d love to train your dog, but you’re not a certified trainer. You’d like to be a writer, and though you blog, keep a journal, sell handmade cards on Etsy, etc. you aren’t really a professional writer.

Don’t be crazy! Pop culture is something we can all bring into our classroom…

Read the rest here.

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